35 of the Most Unexplainable Photos on the Internet

f you thought you know the phrase What The Fuck (WTF), you are not at your surprises. You can discover 35 images strange and zany. With these pictures we have the right to ask whether the human being is not twisted. Animals are also honored in very funny situations. 

wtf pictures 23
"I am Po, you recognize me??"

wtf pictures 25
"Who wants candy?" 
wtf pictures 26
"I always drink my milk before going to school"
wtf pictures 27
Small quiet tanning session.
wtf pictures 28
"I have the fire in the pants!"
wtf pictures 29
"En route we will make grandpa a ride!"
wtf pictures 30
"It picks up or not?"
wtf pictures 31
# Baby # Selfie
wtf pictures 32
Surrounded by two goddesses # KingOfTheWorld
wtf pictures 33
"You like bacon?"
wtf pictures 34
"You listen to me now?" 
top 22 wtf 14
"Help moiiiiii!"
top 22 wtf 20
"Way to walk"
top 22 wtf 19
"I present my grandmother!"
wtf pictures 24
"Wait for me girls!"
top 22 wtf 18
"We share?"
top 22 wtf 17
"My son, my wife and I"
top 22 wtf 1
"I have a drink with my best friend"
top 22 wtf 2
"Me and my partner"
3 top 22 wtf
Even when it's a monkey, he must help his friends.
wtf pictures 35
"I love Moua Socks"
top 22 wtf 4
"It is not right here?"
top 22 wtf 5
"Me and my new girlfriend"
top 22 wtf 22
"I am a rainbow"
top 22 wtf 6
"Let go buddy! I tell you he's alive!" 
top 22 wtf 21
"A line like everyone else!"
top 22 wtf 16
"I'm a chameleon"
top 22 wtf 15
"Outstanding, quiet ..."
top 22 wtf 13
"Have you ever seen the dark side of the moon?" 
top 22 wtf 12
top 22 wtf 11
Swag Family 
top 22 wtf 10
"Me and my chickens"
top 22 wtf 9
8 top 22 wtf
"It's not me Mr Officer!"
top 22 wtf 7
Ouch it stings!

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