17 Unbelievable Tweets You Have To See

Twitter revolutionized the way social media is used; it took the useless information out of statuses and articles and turned it into concise and hopefully (but not always) informative 140 character tidbits of information.

Some people, however, took Twitter and made it a quick and easy way to spread their stupidity. It's as though they sat there and thought, "Damn, how can I make myself sound as stupid as possible in just 140 characters?" Well, some of these people have a talent for it. Check it out:

1. This couple who needs to stop trying to drown everyone around them in their nauseatingly fake love. A ONE DAY ANNIVERSARY? THAT DOESN'T EVEN MAKE ANY SENSE.

2. I'm really hoping that's something we can blame on autocorrect, but I have a feeling it isn't.

3. Because it couldn't possibly be outside of the USA, right?

4. Someone give this girl a cookie, that probably took a lot of her brain power.

5. How do you even get that wrong?

6. But...ugh...never mind. Yes, actually, maybe she should go to Texas.


8. Close, but not close enough.

9. It's a good thing he's a pretty boy 'cause he can't spell to save his life...or his synonym rolls.

10. This takes the synonym rolls for being the funniest and dumbest tweet in this entire list.

11. Help raise money and awareness for hard attacks, people. They affect us all.

12. His oaker is real meaty.

13. Because blindness goes away randomly.

14. Oh, god, no, don't pour salad on my wounds! :'( Bb plz.

15. If you've got a speech peppermint, it's nothing to be ashamed of.

16. It's like an After Eight, but you eat David.

17. Well, at least the Domino's rep probably had a good laugh.

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