20 Quick-Thinking Problem Solvers To The Rescue

When things aren't going your way and you're in a pinch, it's time for some quick thinking! Luckily, these people have honed their clever problem-solving skills big time. Some of these are brilliant, others...well, passable. But each of them made us laugh in one way or another!

1. Could barely notice!

2. Talk about a fancy feast...

3. That's actually pretty genius...

4. Weather or not the computers are working...

5. A little off the top?

6. Broke it? Or made it better?

7. Improvised zoom lens

8. It's good enough for me!

9. Now you have a friend!

10. Now that's quick thinking!

11. Just a bit of teamwork, really...

12. We don't want any indecent exposure incidents! Quick, hand me that scarf!