Restaurant Employees Reveal The Most Horrific Customer They've Ever Had To Serve

Anyone who has worked customer service knows all too well about the trials and headaches of dealing with the public, but there seems to be a special kind of awful when it comes to serving people their food. From fast-food to fine dining, restaurant workers dish on their worst customers ever.

1. Oh No He Didn't!

"I waitressed in high school. This happened when I was ~16 or 17. A guy came in to eat with his family (a little girl and his pregnant wife). They were really, really friendly and at first I thought it was a great table. Then the wife went to the bathroom and the guy asked for the check, and on the check he wrote his phone number in the tip area along with 'call me baby.' I ran his card, waited until his wife came back, and brought over the guy's card and his receipt. I handed the receipt to the pregnant woman and told her something was wrong with the tip. She got SUPER upset and I got in a lot of trouble with my managers for stirring s--t. In retrospect, I probably didn't handle that the best way, but at the same time I was f--king furious that some guy would come to eat with HIS PREGNANT WIFE and try to hit on a girl half his age. WTF. if he's pulling that s--t so brazenly, god knows what else he's doing behind his wife's back" (Source).

2. Someone's Always Watching.

"While I worked in an all you can eat restaurant we frequently got customers who would eat say, three or four plates of food, then go and fill up another five, leave them all full on the table and claim the food was all disgusting and refuse to pay. There was one time in particular when a couple tried to do this, the managers got involved and were refusing to let the customers leave whilst they called the police. The woman in the couple tried to push past one of my managers and he took hold of her arm to stop her leaving. Cue shouts of assault and harassment, and male partner suddenly going ape shit shouting, 'don't you f--king touch my woman,' etc. Luckily there was a full restaurant of people who were watching the show so they couldn't get away with it. Douchebags..." (Source).

3. The Customer Is Not Always Right.

"I worked at a soup & sandwich cafe for 3 years while I was in undergrad. Good job, easy money. Anyways, we offered quick breakfast options: bagels & cream cheese, breakfast sandwiches & burritos, and a quick 2 egg breakfast with toast, hash browns or grits. We offered a $1 small cup of coffee because Starbucks was 2 blocks down. We broke even on the coffee, not really hoping to profit. Just trying to get people in the door and serve quick, good food. A super-yoga soccer mom started coming in every morning to buy a coffee. She would bring in her own bagel and her own cream cheese. She would purchase the coffee and then ask us to toast her bagel and put her cream cheese on it for her and expect us to run the food out to her like we did for every other paying customer. While she was purchasing her coffee, she would ask that we put on new gloves while preparing her food. Okay, fine. Not a big deal the first few times because the owner was trying to keep his customers happy all of the time. However, this budding new cafe was starting to increase in business, exponentially. And this bagel lady started coming in every, single day. The boss grew a little tired of her request because after all, he isn't seeing the benefit of selling her a $1 cup of coffee and having us prepare her food for her. She didn't tip either. However, because my boss always lived by 'The customer is always right' method, she got away with this. She came in on a Saturday morning once and thinking she got special treatment because she was a regular customer, she decided she would skip the line and put her bagel on the counter near the register. She waited in line, purchased her $1 coffee and noticed her bagel was right where she left it, untouched. 'Excuse me, I expected this to be toasted and ready when I purchased my coffee. I come in all the time, you should know me by now. I am one of your most frequent customers.' 'Yes Ma'am. I apologize, I did not see it. Here is your coffee and I will bring it out to you in a moment.' 'I just don't understand you people sometimes. So incompetent and rude to your customers. This is the kind of behavior that leads to disease and sickness in restaurants.' I didn't realize my boss was standing over my shoulder during this encounter. He sort of pushes me out of the way, grabs her bagel (ungloved hands), takes a bite, goes to hand it to her, drops it and asks her to leave with a mouthful of bagel. He goes to his office and closes his door still chewing the bagel. He comes out and says, 'Coffee is now $2.' Problem solved" (Source).

4. Back At Ya.

"I was a hostess at a fairly popular restaurant close to a movie theater. This can attract some large families on busy nights, so we strongly suggest reservations in our advertising. It's a Friday evening and we're already on a wait. This family of seven saunters in, and the father asks us for a table. I tell him that we do have about a 40-minute wait, but if they'd like to wait on the patio and order an appetizer, there is space for them. He frowns, whispers to his wife, then turns back to me. 'Nah, we're going somewhere else. Go f--k yourself.' I almost didn't believe I had heard it at first. Seriously? I was blown away that this father, husband, adult-f--king-man felt like it was OK to say that to a 20-yr old hostess. What?" (Source).

5. What's A Cheeseburger?

"When I used to work at McDonalds some lady came in and ordered a cheeseburger without cheese. So being the person I am I just put it in a Hamburger wrapper and gave it to the front. Well she came back like 5 minutes later and all hell broke loose. She was yelling at the poor girl who gave her the sandwich and the girl was new. So I went up to help and asked what was the matter. This is what she said "I ordered a Cheeseburger without cheese you gave me a Hamburger I want what i ordered right now and i want to speak to your manager." So I told her i was the manager. She proceeded to call me a lair even though i had a name tag that said shift manager on it. But I told her I would fix it. I took the Burger and put it in a Cheeseburger wrapper and gave it back to her she looked at it. Then at me and I'm pretty sure she had the realization of what a Cheeseburger without cheese is. She then just walked away without thanking me or anything. Also, I sent the girl home since she was crying" (Source).

6. She Gave Him A Splitting Headache.

"I work at a local tourist spot as a food services supervisor, and we have a few different food outlets in the park. As a supervisor, I've had to deal with all kinds of challenging customers, but one of the dumbest ones I came across was dealt with by a co-worker of mine. Near the very end of the day, a lady came up to our fish and chips window and ordered a four-piece chicken strip combo. She said that she wanted it split four ways for her four children. My co-worker said sure, but informed her that since the combo just came with a small fries, that meant each of those four portions would include just one chicken strip and a few fries. He repeated it a couple of times, but she impatiently told him that was okay. You can probably see where this is going. When she came to pick up her order, she was irate. From the sounds of things, she wanted each of those portions to have at least two strips and a small fries--even though she was only willing to pay the price of a single combo. She screamed at my co-worker, told him he was incompetent, all kinds of things. She wasn't willing to pay more, though, and my co-worker wasn't about to make her more chicken strips and fries for free, so finally he told her the outlet was closed and that if she had any more issues she should take it up with the manager. She left and he closed the shutter, but then she came around to the side door of the building and screamed at him some more. Even when they closed the door, she waited for them and followed them across the park when they walked back to the main kitchen... where they were able to meet up with the manager and she was asked to leave the park. We don't allow meal-splitting anymore--if customers want something split, we'll give them plates and knives and they can do their own portions" (Source).

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