Safe Web Surfing for Kids

While the Internet can be an incredible tool, like anything, there are drawbacks and risks involved. These risks are especially significant to children using the internet. Your parents told you not to talk to strangers or accept things from strangers growing up, and the same rules should be followed when letting your children use the Internet.

There is also a lot of content on the Internet that is not suitable for children, which is another thing that parents need to be aware of for the sake of their children’s safety.

Here are some things that you need to tell your children before giving them access to the Internet.

  • Never give out your last or family name, your home address or your phone number in chat rooms, on bulletin boards, forums, blogs, or to online friends.
  • Don't give out your username or password for your e-mail, Facebook, or any other website that requires you to log in.
  • Don't sign up for a website without your parent's permission. Always have your parents check the website's privacy policy to see what the site plans to do with the information you give them. Sometimes websites sell information about their clients or members. If you're under the age of 13, it is required by law that a website receives permission from your parents to allow you to sign up.
  • Websites aren't supposed to request more information than is needed for the activity you wish to participate in. In fact, you should be able to do many things on the Internet without supplying any information at all.
  • If you are contacted by somebody you don't know, the first thing you should do is alert a parent.
  • Like with personal information, before sharing, posting, or e-mailing any personal videos or pictures, get your parent’s permission. Once you post those things onto the Internet, you lose all control over what happens to them.
  • If a website or something you see on the Internet makes you uncomfortable, leave that area of the Internet immediately and alert your parents. The internet can be an amazing resource and provide a lot of fun and entertainment, but only when it's used safely!

Online Tools for Parental Control

Thankfully, there are many online tools that parents can use in order to limit their child’s access to the Internet. Here are some great ones to check out.

WebFilter Pro

This is an extension that parents can install if they use the Google Chrome web browser. It is free of charge and allows you to block a limitless number of sites that you do not deem fit for your children to view. It has an excellent filtering system that helps you to make sure that your children are avoiding things like pornography, social networking or dating sites, websites that have fishing and spyware issues and much more. It allows you to select the categories of sites that you want blocked, and if you ever stumble onto an inappropriate site on your, you can block it manually as well.


Yet another free extension for Chrome users, Blocksi will help you protect your children and entire family from inappropriate web content. There is a total of almost 80 different categories of websites that you can block, which really makes it easy for you to limit what your children have access to when using your browser to surf the web. Blocksi also offers a specialize filter for YouTube videos that will keep inappropriate videos from your child’s eyes. Blocksi also features a password system for blocking websites that you might want to visit yourself, but do not want your children to see.

Website Blocker

If you are willing to put in the time to customize the extension, Website Blocker can be handy as well. While it doesn’t have any predetermined categories that you can choose to block, it does allow you to easily block every site you want to block manually.

Child-friendly browsers

There are a few specialty browsers out there that can give your children access to a safe and child-friendly Internet without having to worry about accidentally entering areas of the Internet that should not be viewed by children. Here are some of the best ones to let your young child use instead of just having them use the same browser that you do.


This kid’s browser is personally curated by hundreds of teachers and parents. It offers kids thousands of funny YouTube clips to laugh along to, great online games to play, and fantastic educational material that has all been approved for their viewing ahead of time.

Buddy Browser

This very advanced children’s web browser has tons of features, including safe chats with other children that are monitored, very effective parental controls, time limits that you can set for your child’s Internet usage time, safe videos, education material, no pop-ups or ads, and much more.


Another safe browser that gives young children fun, educational material and guards them from things they should not be seeing on the Internet. It is a very popular browser for infants and pre-school children to have fun with and learn new things.

Parental Control on Smartphones

The Internet can now be accessed via smartphones, which adds a new level of risk for children. Not only is this easy Internet access an issue, but many people control their finances and other important things via their smartphones. Children playing with these phones can accidentally compromise this information or delete things that are important to you and your life.

Here are some great apps for parents that can keep their phones safe for their children to use.

Kids Place

Kids Place is an app launched that lets you control what they can and can’t have access to when using your phone. You can keep your kids out of your personal apps and data while allowing them to play fun games that you might have downloaded for them to use. Not only that, but Kids Place also prevents children from making phone calls by mistake or on purpose, texting or downloading new apps. So this way, you don’t have to worry about giving your kids your phone only to find that they have cost you a bunch of money by doing these types of things.

Norton Family

This is a very advanced tool for your phone that can do a lot for you. If your children have their own phones, you can limit what they are allowed to do on them remotely. It can let you know what your children are doing on their phones, block sites you don’t want them to visit, and remotely keep an eye on their online activities. It also alerts you when your child is trying to access something that you have prohibited and limits the amount of calling and texting they can do so you don’t get a huge bill in the mail.

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