This Special Needs Dog Waited 6 Months For Her Dad To Return Home. Her Reaction?

Mikey, Jesse, and Emma were all in for a huge surprise.  Their father had been away on deployment for 6 long months and they had no idea when he was due back.  So when the airman unexpectedly walked through the front door they excitedly ran to greet him.  Tails wagged back and forth rapidly, faint whimpers could be heard and tears of dog joy flowed.  And one little girl, Emma, did something she had never before done, she greeted her dad at the door.

Emma was born with a severe birth defect that causes muscle and neurological problems known as Polyradiculitis.  It caused her to lose the use of her back legs and thus she relies on her 2 good front ones.  She’d been adopted by her new family and had grown really close to her new daddy before he had to leave.  Normally she sits and waits at the end of the entrance hall for her mom to pick her up when she arrives home.  But this time she is so excited and it is too much for her to wait so she goes to the door under her own strength to greet the man she missed so much.  It is the sweetest thing to see and, personally, it brought me to tears.

The American Bulldog and Pitbull mix had been adopted by Melissa Swanson and her husband 3 years ago (she was one years old in the video) from SNARR, a special needs animal rescue.  The organization agreed to let the Swanson’s keep Emma for the rest of her life, and yet still keep paying for her expensive and ongoing medical bills.  SNARR truly wants the best for their animals and by placing them in forever foster homes the animals can get the love and attention they deserve.  Best of all, for every single view of Emma’s video, SNARR receives money that they put towards helping pay the costs of her medicine and care!!  Help them out by checking out their site and the work they do as well as by sharing the video.

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