This Cat Waited 10 Days For This Dog To Come Home. (video)

They say cats and dogs are mortal enemies. But we’ve seen so many videos that say otherwise. Just like that video of the amazing friendship between a cat and a blind Labrador. They had such an amazing bond that the cat became the “seeing eye cat” of the blind dog! And here we have another video that will prove to you that cats and dogs can be BFFs!

Meet Bow-Z the dog and Jasper the cat. After being apart for 10 days, Jasper misses his buddy so much that when he got home, Jasper showers him with hugs and kisses! While Jasper is showering him with love, Bow-Z remained so calm and patient. I’ve never seen a cat that missed a dog this much! Even when Bow-Z tried to walk away, Jasper grabbed him to give him another long hug, and he’s not letting go! You gotta watch this! Check out the video below!

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