The Story Of A Rescue Dog

This is why you rescue animals, by getting them from a shelter or getting a free animal off kijjii or whatever the case may be.

Almost 4 years ago, I begged and begged to get a dog. We went on Kijjii and found Joey. His old owner had taken off to BC, and he was left with the roommate who had to lock him up for 60 hours a week, in a bathroom because she was working so much. It was between him and one other dog, we said whoever answered first, the person who was getting rid of Joey answered. I'm so thankful we were able to get him, we got him the medication he has to take as he has allergies to basically everything. Now 4 years later, he may be over weight but he's losing it and he's happy as can be and healthy when it
comes to his allergies.

He's our little baby.

So please if you have the chance to rescue an animal, do it. They need that second chance and their forever home.

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